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Update Parameters:
Revit Families/Product Catalogues

The entegra Revit Data Connector automatically populates metadata for Revit families. New Revit parameters can be created and redundant parameters can be deleted. The Data Connector is the ideal tool to populate metadata for Revit families-/ product catalogues for the first time, update existing families or create alternative versions of existing families, e.g. in a different language or with project-specific parameter GUIDs – all at the click of a button.

Market Demands

Manufacturers of building components are getting more and more pushed to provide their products in a BIM-compliant file format.to the designers? In addition to geometric information, each 3D-component contains metadata which can be used for reports.


Catalogues with Revit families usually contain hundreds of products and have to be made available and updated in several languages. This has created the need to transfer metadata from existing IT-systems to Revit families.

Create, Update Metadata

Do you have to populate metadata for your Revit families for the first time or to repeatedly update the data of these families? The Data Connector allows you to update existing parameter values, to delete redundant parameters and to create new parameters.

Data Transfer from ERP or PIM

You can transfer metadata from an ERP-System or a PIM-System to Revit families. During the process, you can automatically create new parameters for families for your Revit product catalogue.

Parameter GUIDs

Depending on the application, the Revit family catalogue needs to be set up with parameters based on pre-defined GUIDs. The Data Connector can create parameters with specific GUIDs and fill-in the values.

Apply different Languages

For an existing Revit family different versions can be created, e.g. applying a different language. Parameters for the existing language can be automatically deleted and be replaced by parameters for the new language.

National Standards, Industry Standards

Do you have Revit families set up with parameters but you need the values to be adjusted e.g. for another country or in accordance with specific project or industry standards? The Data Connector handles this task!

Update Revit Version

The complete product catalogue, with all Revit families, can be updated to a new Revit version in one go.


The Data Connector can automatically update many files, e.g. a whole folder. Therefore, you can also update the parameter values of whole catalogues (Revit family files as well as nested families) or create new parameters.

Product instead of Customizing

The Revit Data Connector is a standard product and is – as part of the software maintenance continuously developed and adapted to new Revit versions.

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